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15-08-14 Car News: Yes we have some car news this week. But first I definitely struck a chord with a lot of people with last weeks rant, all positive feedback and thank you for all the support and emails. At last I have finished the Merc W125, it will be going in the mould tomorrow so we will resin castings next week and if the bloody decals turn up I can sell a few, which will be nice as this time of year nearly everyone seems to be on holiday or doing things like enjoying themselves. Come on lets all get back to work and be miserable, far more sensible. Oh yes, back to the merc, as soon as I have one moulded I will build one up to run on the track. It is nice to be able to test/ play with a new model. I have also been running the new MGC and it works very well indeed. By next week we will have one finished, decorated and in production. This is a great little car and fun to drive around with just its resin chassis with a bit of lead. I will give a full run down of the running gear next week. We are getting on with our track and we are still hoping to have our opening weekend towards the end of October. Anyone interested in attending please let me know. I will be quite informal but we will work out some proper racing. Shoebury is just outside Southend in wonderful Essex. If you have never been to Essex it is a very nice place and just as you would imagine it. My road has only had two murders and my late Mum was only mugged once in Marks and Spencers, she had shop lifted the stuff beforehand of course. Seriously however, Southend is a very nice seaside town with hotels, premium inns etc. within a few minutes of our track. We also have the longest pleasure pier in the world (a mile and a bit long, depending on if anymore of it has burned down) it even has a train to take you out and back again. When I go to other seaside towns and see their rather inadequate piers, I just think "This isnt a pier its a glorified jetty." But I digress. So if anyone wants to make a weekend of it feel free. Cat News: One or two people did notice that next to gnome town there was a giant cat crap, ah well. This I hasten to add was now Snowys doing but probably Barney. He is another of our cats and a very large ginger tom. He was a rescue cat found wondering around Billericay, now he lives in wonderful Southend. What a lucky cat... Oh yes Richard Mack should be delivering some chassis in the next few days, so next week we should have some more news on that front. I will be getting on with the Chapparal 2D next... Or will I? I have a new little project, just started based on a plastic body and it looks promising.

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