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busy little bee

19-06-15 I have been busy little bee this week and as you can see my work bench is awash with new models. Most important of these is my 1961 Le Mans Corvette. I saw a couple of photos and knew I had to make this car. Its big, wide, American and it raced at Le Mans. Even after a few days work it looks pretty damn good. Havnt got any decals or artwork underway yet so it may be a little while before it is in production. Also decals are blooming expensive so I will have to save up some dosh. I think this will make a very popular subject. It will look superb in its white with blue striped American racing livery. I have started modifying my 64 Le Mans Bizz into the 65 Le Mans car. There are quite a few mods to be made but it will look as good as the 64 car. I also have the decals for it so as I am running out of decals for the 64 car (approx. 15 left) this model will take over. Now I know I said I wasnt going to do any more handling bodies for a while, but I lied. I couldnt help it, the Cougar sort of got cut in half and the magic widening fairies came in and stuck a bit in the middle, they also lowered it a tad. So with any luck we will have a car that can keep up with the Galaxie. I mentioned last week that I would have to do something with the Cougar, the prototype was sitting there doing nothing so why not chop it and make a rather good looking slot car. I do realise these handling cars are not for everyone, but the range is varied enough to suit most peoples tastes. That Chapparal 2 sitting there is also going to get the chop very soon, so it will fit in with my other 60s sports and Canam cars. A couple of people have asked for more info on what models are being dropped. It all depends on what moulds wear out, both of the MGCs (normal and handling) are more or less knackered so they will go, still a few in stock though. The normal Anglias are also on there way out. These models will not be going for good, just having a rest. The Austin A35 will also be culled when the moulds wear out along with the XJS. It is important to cut down on these models, especially as new models are coming through on a regular basis. One model I am bringing back, but only for one mould run as the number of decals is limited, is the ERA. I am simplifying it but it will look just as good. Hopefully the Corvette will be on its wheels by next week, but then again Ive just had another idea.

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