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Both versions of the Jaguar Mk. 7 are back in production

31-01-15 As mentioned last week this was never going to be an interesting few days, what with having to remake lots of worn out moulds. But now both versions of the Jaguar Mk. 7 are back in production. As mentioned before the new casting is a lot lighter and a tiny bit lower but you can raise it up if you wish. The heavyweight E-type is nearly finished, it has a new experimental type chassis as well. I have moulded the headlight covers into the casting so no fiddly clear lenses to cut out, all you have to do is put a tape decal over them and it looks great. This E-type is very different from the one already in the range which is scale width. This one is widened just like an NSR or Ninco car (but wider) and it is very low. Just to remind you it is still based on the now out of production Revell body. I had hoped to have finished the Daytona 2D but that will be next week, the casting is in production but will not be on the car page for a few days (usual price of £35+pp). The wide M6Aa is going ahead but next month I must get on with the Bizzarina, it has been hanging around long enough and I must get my finger out. The K3 chassis with mudguards is out of the mould and it seems to be working well, having a little bit added to make it more sturdy, so the K3a are now back in production. We had a good race meeting last night apart from me coming last, we did not encounter any weather bombs or thunder snow. Although we did still encounter a few crashes. What are these weather people on at the moment, it is called a snow storm (storm being the clue). Weather Bomb? No it is just a bit of bad weather, they are not bombs so stop with the silly expressions. Concentrate on predicting the weather correctly... 3 ft of snow in New York and everything closes and then they get about an inch. That was a bit wrong wasnt it. As soon as there is a weather warning we (including myself) panic buy bread, milk and toilet rolls (maybe the toilet rolls is just me). This is wrong, panic buy slot car kits so that if you are snowed in you have something to do, much more sensible. In case the idiots doing the weather need some ideas for some silly expressions here are a few we came up with: Sun grenades, wind torpedoes, sleat missiles, fog barrage. There that should keep them going. So next week more of the same, replacing moulds and getting a few cars photographed and put on the car page. Sorting out the ERA will also be on the list.

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