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10-01-14 Back to work, thank god, and really looking forward to getting stuck in to some new models. But first some new decals for the Galaxie. Anyone who watched goodwood revival will have noticed the red Galaxie with white stripes, it looked awesome and is an authentic colour scheme. We also have some more Richard Mack chassis back in stock. So check them out if you are interested as they do sell out quickly. I am working (believe it or not) on the prototype of the C type auto union. There will be two or three versions. First will be the 1937 Donnington GP winner which has flairs over the front suspension, then the car with flairs over both front and rear suspension and then maybe a version without the fairings. I managed to find a reasonable set of drawings from an old 60s copy of miniature auto magazine, so with a bit of modification they should help a lot, plus some photos I found in some nice big books. It should be possible to fit a full length driver in the cockpit as it is far forward, will need to spend a bit more time on my sculpting. Need to improve my driver figures. I have painted up a D type Jag and put some of the rubbish decals on it (the reprints are underway) and I am very pleased with the way it looks, will put a pic up soon. Unfortunately cant put it up for sale until the new decal sheet arrives. A couple of people have commented (not in a bad way) on my little dig at scalextric. I dont think an organisation as big as Hornby give a fig what a little fish like me thinks but with all there resources you would think they could get it right. All I have is a height gauge, a pointy stick and a file, but it would be wrong of me to think I get it right all the time, I definitely do not. The one advantage though is as a model takes shape in front of you, you can change bits you are not happy with. Shave a bit off the bonnet, change a window line etc. These are not so easy when most of the work relies on a computer and ones ability to use that technology. I guess I will be the last generation to make models by hand (dont get me started on 3D printers) anyway enough of this, must get on with this auto union. Hmm may just file a bit of this ferrari 375, no wait must do the Auto Union.

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