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At last the Maserati 250F is finished

27-02-15 At last the Maserati 250F is finished. Three versions will be available from the 57 Monaco, German and French GPs. All the winning cars driven by Fangio. There will be two different body castings, the monaco car is slightly different to the other two cars. Two Ferrari 801s are also done, Hawthorns 57 German GP car and Collins Monaco car. There will be four versions of the 801, the Hawthorn British GP car and the Musso Italian GP car. All four use different body castings, two with long nose and two with short nose. Two with Aero screens and two with windscreens. The last two are being moulded at the moment so they will all be listed on the products page in the next few days. The price will be the standard £35 plus pnp. The heavyweight E-type is done and will also be on the car page in the next couple of days. Just to remind you this is based on the now discontinued Revell model. It has been widened, lightened and lowered and has a new design resin chassis. The chassis uses an adjustable centre section and front end. This model is meant to be more of a slot car which handles well and is not based on any particular real car. So you are free to decorate it in any colour you wish. I painted mine silver because Im boring. At least my real car is red which is unusual these days. Most cars are boring silver, yawn. Colour seems to have gone. Back in the early seventies it was quite normal to have a Daytona yellow Cortina, as well as bright reds and greens. There was lots of colour back then. I cant imagine anyone driving a bright yellow Mondeo today. It would be great to see a bit more variety in car colours. The Milton Keynes swapmeet went very well. The Daytona Chapparal 2D proved very popular. Unbelievably no one got up my nose about anything. I did buy myself a Slot It Nissan which is lovely. I did spot something there which was absolutely hideous. God it was horrid, in fact I had to sit down and recover from the experience. I advise anyone, who even by accident, has the same experience not to drive or use heavy machinery, just sit still and recover for a few minutes. I still have cold sweats thinking about it. Though prospects are good for a full recovery. What did I see? The scalextric Mk. 2 Escort... More news to come in a couple of days.

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