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As you may have guessed I love most things American

29-03-16 As you may have guessed I love most things American. Not everything though, American cuisine can be a bit hit or miss. But on the whole a great fan of the US of A. And now what could be another first. After Barack Obama becoming the first black president and the first in any western democratic country. To our disgrace I think it will be a long time in Britain and probably even longer in Europe before attitudes are such that this could be even considered. America could be on the verge of having a gay president and who would have thought it a gay republican president. I surely cant be the only one who has noticed his hand gestures, no straight man waves his hands around like that and no straight guy I know would have hair like that (come to think of it no gay guy would either)(Joe says Im not allowed to say Donald Trump for legal reasons, no idea what hes on about). Me thinks he does the old macho hitting and shooting people a bit too much. If you can bear to just watch him gesticulating, well, see for yourself... Now there is nothing wrong with having a gay president but please make it a good one not a fucking monster. Ho hum anyway on to slot cars. Last Sunday we held our first 6 hour race at South Essex Slot Car Club and I think it went very well. We came third overall with Mr MAcks team coming first and Truspeed second. So we were pretty happy with third. I must admit to being knackered by the end. Mind you, I was the first there in the morning and the last to leave in the evening. So after having only one off in the last month I am having a nice four day break over easter. Joe says I will last three days. We shall see. The good news is the Jaguar XK120 Coupé and roadster are finished and in production. They will be on the car page in the next couple of days. I think they look superb. A couple more versions will follow in the next few weeks, these will include a Coupé with rear wheel spats and the 1950 Le mans car but I will need the decals for these. So that is it with the XK120s I will now finish the BRM and the E-type. It would be nice to get another new model out for Gaydon (hehe Gay Don...) in May a few weeks off but it soon goes. I have a model in mind that will be a bit of a surprise.

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