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An interesting and somewhat frustrating week

24-01-15 It has been an interesting and somewhat frustrating week. My silicon rubber supplier was a pain in the bum, late sending the rubber out and sent it to the wrong address (all 40kgs of it) so nothing has been moulded. But what the hell if that is all I have to worry about life is good, and it did give me time to cut my Revell Mclaren M6A in half and make it 6mm wider. It is now looking pretty good and if I can get Mr Mack to make a nice chassis for it I think it will make a great looking and fast slot car. And before anyone starts bleating on about widened cars, a couple of chaps in our club have NSR Ford P68s, these cars are definitely taking the piss. But if I subtly widen a car it makes me evil. Lets face it, this is an old argument, some people like their cars accurate even if they havnt a clue what accurate actually means. Strangely enough what I am finding is most people are warming to the idea of widened models as long as it is done properly. The Chap 2D and the Ferrari 375+ are prime examples. If I had left them as they should be (to scale), they look horrible. It is strange though, I look at the 375 and still think it is too narrow (Note from Joe: In the workshop we do have to shout "Thats enough!" sometimes.) So what else have we done this week. Well The Mk 7 Jag is ready to mould and so is the MGK3 with mudguards. I have strengthened it up a bit and modified the chassis, so hopefully it will be back in production as soon as it is out of the mould. The ERA will be next on the list for modification in order to get it back in production. The new decal sheet for the Maserati 250F and Ferrari 801 will take a little longer than expected so I thank you for your patience. Next week will be spent catching up on moulding again but hopefully I will get sidetracked and something new and unexpected will appear. I have had a few ideas for new models sent to me as requests. Some are good, some are interesting, others not a chance in hell. It is worth remembering when making slot cars normal road cars do not sell, while cars that raced will. If I cannot put numbers on a car it is usually not worth doing, and believe me I would like to do some road cars. So the rest of January will not see much in the way of new stuff but on a brighter note we had a club night thursday evening and I won with my XJR9. It is always good to beat Mr Mack, but I dont think he was trying too hard. Dont forget new members and old slot racers always welcome.

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