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An extremely boring week of remaking moulds

12-12-14 Apart from my Birthday yesterday this has been an extremely boring week of remaking moulds. I do not feel brilliant today (Friday)(Hangover) and in case anyone is interested I was 61. I am not into this growing old disgracefully lark first I am not growing old (honest) and secondly I dont give a f**k would be a more accurate way of looking at it. But saying this it is important to have a passion about things; cars, music, food etc. The two CDs I got for my birthday were the ACDC album and the War on Drugs CD. I love rock music and country and western, but hate opera, jazz and loath swing music (except Glenn Miller and Nat King Cole). That said I have respect for someone who says they love Opera but hates rock, it is the people who say I have an eclectic taste in music or I like all sorts that annoy me. It is too wishy washy, no passion. But I also despair at some of my rock idols. I was in my late teens in the late 60s early 70s and apart from my love of Zep, Purp and Floyd on of my favourite albums of all time is every picture tells a story by Rod Stewart. My favourite rock song is also probably Stay with me by the faces (Rod Stewart singing), it is rough but absolutely wonderful. And Rod, you are not Scottish, you were born in North London, deal with it. You hear what Rod is churning out now, songs about going home and his wife has rub him a bath and poured him a glass of wine and that he put on a couple of extra pounds. Its bloody awful, rock is supposed to be about misery, lost love and angst not married bliss. Dont get me started on people like Michael Bubble. Right getting back to cars, as with wild rough rock music my favourite cars are 60s American muscle cars. Mustangs, Camaros, GTOs etc. Cars built in normal car factories, mass produced for the working man. Cars rough around the edges and relatively cheap but went like stink (in a straight line). Nowadays some of these restored examples are worth a fortune which brings me back to passion. At the Silverstone classic last year there was a beautifully restored black 390 Mustang. It was so beautiful I could have wept. I would rather have this than any Lambo Zondarari , I dont see the point in them. They are not cars anymore but fashion statements, you cant use them daily and you cant race them. Most are so effing ugly now they dont even look cool, except the Ferrari F40 that is somewhat lovely. Rich kids play things. OK OK I will admit some Ferraris are nice but I wouldnt want to own one. I guess most of us have a make of car that we just like. Mine is Jaguars, I would love an F-type but unfortunately making model cars is also my passion and it doesnt pay that well. So my car, a 6 year old Volvo. That said I am very lucky to make a living doing a job I love and even at my age (hah) still do not get bored and look forward to going into work. I will leave my rant on food for another time, I mean bloody celebrity chefs. (Dad stop that is enough now). To be continued.

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