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All the Merc W196s are moulded

29-08-14 It has been a short week with the bank holiday last monday so were a bit behind. Hopefully by next week we should be up to date. All the Merc W196s are moulded but as you can see, my display ones are not quite put together yet. A couple of days and they will be finished. I am also currently sorting out the running gear for them, so should also have that up on here soon. I have had the No. 10 car running on the track with pendle wire wheels and tyres, and it is pretty good. But still more playing... sorry testing to do yet. The Merc W125 1937 Monaco car is finished and will be in the mould tomorrow, so over the next few days we should see all of the new Mercs and the 8C on the car page. I did get a bit sidetracked this week, to my Sons dismay (Note from son: My job mostly consists of trying to get Dad to finish the cars hes started making... It isnt easy.) I started messing around with my racing MGB and Frog Eye, both rubbish sellers. I cut the Frog Eye in half and stuck 6mm in the middle. It is still scale of course, 32nd one way and 28th the other. This has been code named the Bullfrog, but before anyone starts moaning and griping it is not going into production. I will mould it but its just one for me to play with on my little track. I am also going to finish off my MGBeasty but also just for little old me. I think they will look great. Now stop frowning and being grumpy, everyones different and some of us just like messing around and making our toys a bit different. The Wanglia has been modified and remoulded with a new chassis. It is even lower and lighter and I will be building one up in the next few days. The Wanglia has proved very popular but their is always room for improvement. We have got some more Richard Mack chassis in. We have Mas 300s, Corvette, Cobra and Falcon/ Mustang chassis in stock, but check the accessories page. They all tend to go very quickly, selling wise as well as on track. I am going to make up some weight (ballast) moulds this week. Now as we are not allowed to sell lead to you because you are all irresponsible and will probably eat it (and you know, it being incredibly toxic to humans) these will be made out of lead free pewter, still heavy but not as lovely and evil as lead. So if you want to use lead, go nick it off a roof (or not, you might fall off.) My cars with lead in them will have to have warning signs on them at this rate.

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