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A well run and well organised event

23-05-14 Getting back to normal after a very busy and very successful Gaydon slot festival. Congratulations to everyone. Well run and well organised and the event running over two days worked very well. Enjoying a less hectic and more social event. It is good to put faces to names as well. Actually meeting your customers who usually you only have contact with by email or phone, also some customers from overseas. And dont forget what we say to all our customers if you break or lose bits (or maybe its missing from the kit) we replace free of charge. Even I bugger things up when making a model so cant expect anyone else to be too different. The difference is I have an endless supply of spares. Also advice is free so email me if you are not sure of something and dont forget we put a good few pics on the gallery to help with decal positions etc. You can phone but please remember it can be a little awkward to answer if I am in the middle of moulding, once you start the process you cant stop. We had our new mini 24s running on the Wolves track and the Pinewood tracks this weekend and they go very well. Everyone was impressed and we will be getting the bits sorted and on the car page very soon. The resin chassis mini kit, which includes a vac body and interior plus resin headlights, grill, chassis and drivers head, will cost £15. The Richard Mack chassis version will be £40 (same as above but with a metal Richard Mack laser cut chassis). I am working out the running gear at the moment so will post more information about that later. The Ferrari 375 Plus, 1954 Le Mans winner is finished. Yes I know I said it would be the Chap 2D but I got distracted. I have a couple of mods to do, the grill and the headlights need slight adjustments but I think it looks pretty good. So hopefully we will have it in production next week, it will cost £35 and it is already designed to use its own Richard Mack chassis (not yet available). Richards chassis were very much admired at Gaydon and a lot of people consider them the best available. Going back to Gaydon, most stuff there is ready to run. But apart from myself only Steve from penelope pitlane and Mel from Pre wings had stands. And we were the only resin guys there so take a look at their websites if you have not already. Colin from RS slot had a stand I wish he would hurry up and make my Merc, Auto Union and Alfa tyres as I do not like making them myself. Have a look at Colins website : Over the whole weekend only one person got up my nose and it was the same person that annoyed me last time at MK. There is always someone who thinks they are a know it all. I am used to that and I am usually very good at holding my tongue in those situations. But it is a little gauling when they are saying this and that is wrong in front of my customers, especially when I have actually measured off the real car and not just read it in a book. I am not saying everything I do is exactly right. But when he was at MK trying to tell Gary Cannel he cant use a Mclaren M1A at Wolves because it is a 1964 car, NO! it first raced it 1963, I could go on. As I have said in the past I am making slot car and I modify to suit as such. No one make exact scale models, not even me. But we do try to get a good shaped car that goes well. So what is next? Well the Merc W125 is on the work bench along with the Chap 2D and the Bentley, but I have not forgotten the pre first world war car. Also we are sorting out our 6 lane track, more news on that soon.

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