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A very productive week

03-05-15 It has been a very productive week. Lots of moulds have been made and four new cars nearly ready to go. The Bizz is looking good plus the M6A, Porker and Sebring 2D all have the moulds made. The Mclaren M6A departs from my normal method of making chassis in that it uses a SlotIt sidewinder pod, not supplied, and a nice flat resin chassis plate (see photo). The Bizz and Porker use my new chassis design which seems to work quite well. So I have spent a whole week making rubber moulds and still have a couple more work out ones to replace. As we all know the Mclaren is orange and in the past I have used Hiroboy Mclaren Orange. This is a ready mixed paint for airbrushing but as not everyone has an airbrush I need to find a suitable aerosol can. Hiroboy do have a website if you are interested. Next week I will be cracking on with the Allard so hopefully another new model will be ready very soon. It will then be on to some new stuff. I know I have said what I intend to making this year but I am currently blocking out a couple of new prototypes. I wont say what yet but give it a couple of weeks and I wont be able to resist telling. Now, I didnt thing I was going to have anything to rant about this week... wrong. If you go on Pendle slot or MREs websites they have pictures of the New Escort Mk.1 and BMW from a firm called Vulcan. I hope to hell I am wrong about these models, when we see them in the flesh, so to speak. At the moment they show as little resemblance to the real thing as my arse. How could they have got it so wrong? Did they even see the real cars let alone measure them? Or did they let a three year old loose on a computer. My cat could have done a better job. As you know I am not a lover of Scalextric and there Mk 1 Escort is not perfect but it is a damn sight better than this. There is no excuse for it, with all the technology available to them. If I produced something like this in resin I would be ashamed and lots of people in forums would be wondering if my hands had been cut off. And if I had carved it with my... feet. I really hope I am wrong, and if I am I will appologise. I do like Mk.1 Escorts, so a bit of good news a Belgian company is bringing out a 1/24 scale kit this year. And it looks pretty good. Also Tamiya are going to do the 50s Gullwing Merc. Which, as are all Tamiya kits, will be wonderful. It is odd, I cant wait for the Escort but Im not so bothered about the Merc. We have just discovered an orange for our Mclaren M6A. Tamiya Brilliant Orange, why cant all model firms be as brilliant as Tamiya. We are having our second race meeting at our track on Sunday. This will be for 60s Saloons and 60s GT cars. I will obviously win... in my dreams. So next week I will have something to report and probably something to rant about. Pictures to follow later.

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