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A bit of a mixed week

21-03-14 Had a mixed week doing different little projects. I know I should concentrate on one thing but I get very bored very very quickly. My mystery car has been guessed and it is the Chapparal 2D Nurburgring car. It is taking shape nicely. Ive also been experimenting with the 1/24 vac form mini which is proving more difficult than I first thought, but we will get there. These minis dont have to be perfect after all, it is going to be a fun class with cheap bodies so no disaster if they get smashed up. Should be able to get one painted up soon. We have moulded the alfa and I am in the process of painting one up. I would have had it finished but I dropped the spray booth door on a just sprayed casting, not good. There was a little bit of swearing in the workshop when that happened. You know damn and blast and oh bother, words like that. Actually we do spend an awful lot of time in the workshop swearing but then we do cock up a lot. We do like to try new ideas and some (most) are bound to fail. I have a new idea. I am going to make an Embiricos Bentley. This car raced at Le Mans three times. The first time in 1949, it came 5th and had already done 65000 miles. It is a very big car, bigger than the Mk 7 Jag, should be an interesting project but not for a while yet. Must finish the Chap, the Merc, the Alfa and the Ferrari 375.

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