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Wolves race meeting

10-10-14 Last Sunday I attended the Wolves race meeting (and no one annoyed me, hurray). I always get good feed back and a few ideas from these dos and it is good to meet costumers and friends. It is a long day as it is a three hour plus drive to Wolverhampton so with 6 and a half hours of driving and a lot of chatting I am knackered. So usually Monday is spent unpacking and repairing models and having a rest. One thing that did catch my eye was a new (to me anyway) range of wheels and tyres that are now available from RS Slot. They are made by Mitoos slot racing lab who have quite a comprehensive range. Take a look at the RS Slotracing website for more details. I took the Chapparal 2D prototype with me and it proved very popular, along with (believe it or not) the widened E-type Jag, I guess I will have to finish it now along with the Bullfrog and get them into production. Another product that I came across that might be of use to us slot racers is lead tape, as used to weight golf clubs. This tape comes on a roll and has a stickyback on it so it can e cut and stuck onto the bottom of your slot car, providing low down weight. You can, as with most things, buy it on Amazon as you obviously do not want to go to a golf shop. They are inhabited by evil golf loving zombies who walk around with a bat, hitting small defenceless balls into holes. Yep I know, very sad. What is even sadder is that some people watch golf on the tele. Which I always thought basically came down to looking at person with stick.... sky, sky, sky, sky... grass (exciting stuff). The Chapparal is just about to go in the mould so we will possibly have castings by next week... Honest. A bit of advice for anyone who has bought a Merc W125. Due to the shape of the front end there is not a lot of room for the guide. The best ones to use are the Slotit SICH83 for home tracks and the SICH84 for wooden tracks, these are very low and just fit under. A tiny bit of shaving also helps. The 84 guide will require you to chop part of the guides front to prevent it from sticking out too far. I have used the SICH84 on some of my cars and it works very well. I have also put the new front end chassis piece on the accessories page. This new part has three castings and allows you to adjust how far forward you place to guide in front of the axle (not suitable for GP cars or other one piece chassis). I have just blocked out the 1957 Maserati 250F, it will be a folley but I feel the need to do it. I dont like the scalex one, it is just too skinny, I wonder if they actually measured it.

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