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The 4 heures du Essex.

12-03-15 First of all, apologies for the news being a bit all over the place. I used to right this stuff (rant) on a Thursday, however this has become our race night. As someone said to me (I did not like this person), it is only your opinion, well of course it is my opinion, but that should not degrade or belittle what I think. When people say it is only your opinion it is usually because they are too stupid to think up a counter argument. "That is your opinion" is hardly a valid response. The fact you can talk about a subject may be down to the fact you have a knowledge of what you are talking about. And when someone says "well how do you know that?" The answer is I read and I listen to people smarter than I am and not some twat in the pub. Hold on, maybe that means Im the twat in the pub. The old expression, "Just because I dont have any knowledge on a particular thing doesnt stop me from having an opinion." Sometimes maybe it should., like when you see what is written on social media. Now I do not spend time of fleece book or twatter but things do get pointed out to me by Joe and Richard in the workshop. They are a lot younger than I am and spend probably 25 hours a day looking at this rubbish. I am definitely getting just a little grumpy these days (Been a grumpy sod for as long as Ive known you: Joe). I just cannot believe how stupid some people are and when they finish talking to you with the words "Well am I right?" or "Thats the truth", well no it isnt, it is just your opinion. But thats just my opinion. I digress, the reason the news is on different days now is I used to do it on a thursday evening but this has become our clubnight so I will try and write it at the weekend but it will be on different days, now and again. So please keep looking, and if there isnt any news buy something to cheer yourself up. I had to do gardening today (Sunday), I dont like gardening, so that is why I am a little grumpy. On Sunday March the 22nd we are having a 4 hour race for slot it Group C cars (hooray no gardening!) we have invited teams from other clubs so hopefully it will be a bit of fun and not overly serious. First prize will be one of my cars, Second prize will be two of my cars, and third price will be three (Just to annoy people haha). The name of the race will be the 4 heures du Essex. I cant take credit for that one. Anyone is free to pop in and watch, we will be open from 8 in the morning. This will be the first race we have organised, what could possibly go wrong. This week we have completed the last two 801 Ferraris, which are now on the car page. This model has turned out surprisingly well in both the long and short nose versions. We have another Hawthorn car and a Musso car. The Bizzarini is taking shape slowly, but should get a good bit done on it this week . Still hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks. As mentioned in a previous news, one of my little side projects has been making a new design resin chassis and it seems to be working pretty well. I have put one in my Carrera RS Capri and it is working nicely. So this design will likely find its way into some more of my cars. It is already used with the Heavyweight E-type and that goes very well. So what next after the Bizzarini. The two models I should make are the Talbot and the Bentley, but I have blocked out an Allard J2, you know the really ugly one, oh wait hang on all Allards are ugly. It is strange how an ugly car in real life usually makes an interesting model. The Zacspeed Mk. 2 Escort is a possibility still. Oh no, I feel queezy, just had a flash back of the Scalex Mk. 2 Escort I saw at MK. The other day I bought a Carrera Pontiac Transam T-Top for a mate of mine who owned the real thing when we were young. It is a lovely model and only £30, I have only ever bought two Carrera models and I liked both. Nice models and good value for money, but that is just my oppinion. News Extra: Something wonderful has just happened, Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC and Top Gear will not be on this Sunday. Millions of people who have been fooled into believing they have an interest in cars will have to spend an hour doing more interesting, like watching a kettle boil. Extra Extra News: New driver figures available for the MGK3, Norma and Gloria Stits driver and co-driver. At least I still find it funny.

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