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I have had my last sheet of decals reprinted and they seem pretty damn good

15-06-16 The good news this week is I have had my last sheet of decals reprinted and they seem pretty damn good. They are very flexible and dont crack up like some recent ones, so this is a big problem solved. On this sheet we have the Gordini, Bristol, BRM, Ferrari 375, D-type, XK120 and Cunningham among others. So if you have a had a problem let me know. The flexibility of these decals opens up a lot of possibilities for decorating models in the future. Some things which were not possible originally. I will be organising new artwork for my models very soon and hopefully decent decals from now on. Something a bit more serious now, no not the horror of Brexit. But I am putting my track up for sale for various reasons. The first, I have lost interest in it and no longer enjoy it. The track is also a big commitment time wise, I am there every Thursday evening and Saturday morning. I also seem to be promoting Slot IT and NSR cars more than my own stuff, which was one of the reasons for purchasing the track in the first place. I have also taken my eye off the ball a little and I need to concentrate on making my cars for home tracks, using more normal equipment. As I believe that not many of my customers use large wooden tracks. So if anyone wants to buy what is one of the best tracks in the country with power supply and timing equipment, in fact a totally brilliant and working 130ft, 6 lane track let me know. It will be going up on eBay but not for a couple of weeks. This is a great opportunity to own a superb track. Email if you are interested. Now I have been told by Joe not to have a rant about Brexit as we dont want to lose any customers (Note from Joe: I did censor a few things last week, for the common good) and I suppose he is right. So to all my Brexit customers I love you all just as much. Last weeks rant did get a good response on facebook. I have just been reading how one doctor has said that one main problem to the NHS is not from immigrants (or in the view of their countrymen; expats, theyre the same bloody thing). This is because most are young and fit and want to work. However with the aging population we currently have the older English people are putting pressure on our health service. I also saw that the Brexit bus had to be repainted because of the slogan they had on it turned out to be a lie. I have been working on a few of my new models and the body shapes are there. I have to get them to this stage before we can start on the artworks. It will be a little while before any are finished but they are all taking shape. The Lister Jaguar is an interesting car, every one is very different. This is always a problem with handmade cars. In fact on most of these cars both sides are completely different as the body panels are rolled by hand. This weekend we will be off to Le Mans for the 24 Heures du Mans so lots of drinking and fraternising with Johnny Foreigner (nice bloke actually).

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