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Yet another week in lockdown


Another week in lockdown but I did  venture to start the engine of my car for the first time in a month. Thought of going for a drive just to give it a run and keep the battery charged but could not be bothered. I went back in doors and ate more chocolate and cake, even better it is not Friday which means I can drink lots of beer tonight. Routine is very important in these strange times. Tuesday evening I used to go to the pub with a couple of mates, we obviously cannot do that but we still have a couple of beers and chat on the phone (remember talking on the phone?). On Friday Lady Lynda and I cook a nice meal and have a couple of drinks as we usualy do, having our cups of tea or coffee at the same time every day also helps. We have other routines but we all need to find our own route through these times. It is a lot easier for us though, as we work from home. We are lucky, post is sorted thanks to good friends. In a strange way my life has not changed much. Next week will be back to making prototypes, this week was spent remaking moulds. I am looking forward to next week. 

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