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What is the point of advice


What is the point of advice, totally effing pointless. If someone comes up to you and says 'if you want my advice', then the chances are that they know less about the subject in question that you. They just think they are cleverer than you. I know because in the distant past I used to give advice but I am not clever, but that wouldn't stop me. And if someone is stupid enough to take our advice and it is wrong then you are an arsehole. But in most cases people only accept advice when it fits in with what they were going to do anyway. 
But what if, for some strange reason, someone comes up to you and asks your advice? Tell them to do the total opposite to what you think they should do, because you can guarentee that is what they will do: the total opposite. It is a no win situation, if your advice is right then you will not get any thanks and as I have said if it is wrong you get the blame, and should keep out of their affairs. 
Most people who feel the need to give advice are know all nob ends, who should be struck violently on the head as soon as they open their mouths. Those dreaded words "if you want my advice", no fuck off.

Now I never give advice for these reasons. You just have to let people do what they want to do and if you are a good friend be there to pick up the pieces when they inevitably cock it up. Then you always get that lovely person "I told you so, but you didn't listen"

I have just been told by lady Lynda that I am always handing out advice. No there is a difference between advice and telling you the correct way of doing something. You see I told you I wasn't very clever, Lynda is not very happy with me.

Thank goodness I am not bad at carving toy cars, just keep my gob shut and keep whittling bits of tooling board into car shpaes. Speaking of, the latest car shape of the Ford Pop is taking shape nicely. We should have a body shell next week. I think it will make a fab little slot car. The Hot Rod will follow.

I am also enjoying making some unrestored or distressed models. It is quite therapeutic and no two models are the same. We will try to put a new section up with these RTR models for sale. But so far they have sold before they got that far. So you know, I will not be making them to order, just the odd model as the mood takes me. I am doing two scruffy Tow Trucks which look pretty damn good. 

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