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The Willy Jeep looks superb


Our Willys Jeep is finished and looks superb, small but lots of parts. But where as the Tamiya one is 1/35 scale and the diecast one is 1/30 scale this one is true 1/32 scale and made as a proper slot car. It is quite a complicated model to design but I think we managed it quite well. You have two buying options, the Jeep on its own or you can buy it with the trailer (sold seperately) with lots of extra bits to make up your own individual model. The trailer comes with oil drums, jerry cans, tents and bedrolls. This model is a bit of a gamble on our part but we hope you like it, it is something a little bit different. Maybe buy one, or two, or three hundred... 

Ok now onto our next gamble, a Peterbilt Truck. I've always liked the Peterbilt conventional, and it is going to be big an impressive. A couple of the big slot car companies have made racing trucks but these are namby pamby little Scanias, Volvos and Mans. Let's go for gold and do a big American Fucker. I have already started it and I'm looking forward to getting it on its wheels. 

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