The move is done


The move is done, we are out of the Shoebury workshop where we have been for nearly ten years and now working from home. Next week should see us getting back to normal business. Apologies for any delays as we have not been in a position to mould much so thank you for your patience. 

What has become apparent with the move and having time to take a look at our range is it is too big. With well over 100 different models. So it is time for another more, drastic cull. Older cars such as the Maserati 300S, Lancia D24 and F1 Lago will stop being kept in stock in order to make room for our newer cars. They will remain on the website for as long as the moulds are active but they may take a little bit longer to reach you as we will be making them from scratch, and once the moulds are done that will be it. The specifics of which cars will be phased out will be posted on the product listing of that car.

There will, as you are aware, always be new models coming out. In fact I think we probably bring out more new models than anybody else. And our range, as far as resin cars go, is the biggest.

Now the good news, the Wang S is finished and going on the car page. It looks brilliant and will fit in well with the Wimp and WA35.
The 68 Sebring MGC is nearly ready, just got to decal one up and it should be done for next week. This will be the No. 44 car.
The Chevy fire truck is also nearly done  but unfortunately we have some decal problems so there will be a slight delay, but it does look superb.

So from next week a new era starts. Working totally from our new work place. But it is not the first move, in fact this will be my 6th move but hopefully it will be my last. With positive thinking I  will produce my best work. As you know we still have projects to finish. The Efigy, DBR1, Frazer Nash, Ferrari 500, two more Listes, C4RK, Bedford Van and the Coe Chevy Truck.

Last weeks rant got a couple of you going... it was a joke... I was bored. 

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