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The Mini Marcos is underway again


The Mini Marcos is underway again, and hopefully this time we will get it finished. The first version will be the 1966 Le Mans car and maybe later we will do the 1967 LM car, but this will be a completely different casting. 
Not too sure what comes next, no change there I guess. Any suggestions? (I will regret asking I know ;) )

We have two new ready to run cars on our painted specials page. First is a racing Ford Falcon which I think looks very pretty and second a dirtied up ERA, so if you like a model with a bit of atmosphere you should like this one. I should have the Targa T33 Alfa and a little ferrari 500 F2 done soon as well. 

You may have noticed that we have put up a new video of how to remove paint from a resin body shell. Basically dip the shell in cellulose thinners and brush the paint away. It takes about 30 seconds. As a rule I always clean any resin casting with cellulose thinners before I spray it to remove any contaminants and to give the shell a very slight key for the paint (as the thinners do attack the resin, which is why it is important to not leave the resin in them). 

Our MDF track project is still underway, more on that next week. 

We also have most of our kits up on the new store website. You can see it at the following link: 
Still building this one but it is all functional. So if you are a lil tipsy and want some new toys you don't have to wait for me to email you back to get your order in. Feedback appreciated on the site, getting the bells and whistles sorted as it goes up.


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