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The MGCGT is finished

27/10/2016 and in production...

This new MG is a road car which will be interesting as I don't make many non racing models. MGs are very popular so this new addition to our line should be welcomed. Also the MGCGT has not been done in 1/32 (nicely) before. Hopefully the new running gear sets should be available in a couple of days. The Lister Jaguar moulds are finished and I have the first resin castings. I will have some pics very soon.

As I mentioned last week I have been remaking moulds, I have more or less finished so next week it will be back to prototypes (hooray).
The Alfa T33 is on the bench and underway again. So a nice week for me next week. I have a couple of other little side projects on the go as usual. Plus I am working on a little helmet with a visor (as on Mike Hawthorn). This is a tiny vac formed clear helmet  with a visor that fits over the resin helmet and you paint, leaving the clear visor. Still got some work to do it on it before it is complete.

So we have two months until Christmas, but the shops are full of this bloody halloween stuff. Thanks America, how ever much I am a fan of yank stuff, Halloween is a horrid import. I will never ever go to a Halloween party dressing up as a halfwit devil. Mind you I hate fancy dress parties any time but Halloween parties take the biscuit. As for trick or treating I pretty much do not answer the door for three days, just in case there is a bunch of weirdly dressed small people trying to prise sweeties out of me. Piss off the sweets are mine, why would I give them to kids I don't even know, I don't even share them with people I like (Note from Joe: You can imagine what he gets like at Xmas). These gangs of midgets are usually accompanied by a grinning but bored shitless adult, usually a mum who cannot wait to get home and start on the gin. As for the poor pumpkins, Asda is full of them, hundreds of them. All to be scooped out and have scary faces carved into them and a candle stuck inside. I thought a pumpkin was food, oh silly me. Strangely I have not been invited to any halloween parties (Note from Joe: I wonder why, there such a thing as a Halloween grinch?).

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