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The Great Burger Debate

22/09/2016 The great burger debate is finally and unequivacably resolved.

The other weekend in the Turner household Turkey, Lamb and Beef burgers entered the arena. The reason for this was like all modern and trendy families (cough) we obviously want to live a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind we are told turkey is the healthy option, lamb in the middle and beef mince is evil. The meat of the devil. The burger of beef will turn you into a cholesterol sodden, saturated fat devil monkey writing in agony at the gates of hell.

So the three bowls of mince, some nice buns (why does that sound rude?) salady stuff, sliced onions, tomatoes, gherkins (yes I like them) and cheese (extra mature, full fat devil cheddar) delicately sliced. The healthy turkey mince was enhanced with various herbs and spices and seasoned to bring out the delicate flavours of the turkey. The lamb had the same treatment but with more chilli to make it more koftaish. The beef had a goof bit of seasoning and a bit of chilli.
All were made into patties  and on the grill to cook to perfection.

So to the tasting, the turkey with all its extra what nots still tasted of absolutely nothing, just the slightest hint of meat, very healthy I am sure but I will never eat turkey burgers again. Please do not get me wrong I love turkey, I have turkey once a year without fail, I even know the date I will cook turkey. I cannot say that for lamb or beef. So to the lamb, well it was lamb with spices so a middle eastern kofta burger, better than turkey but not as super healthy. 

And now the beef. What can I say. Perfect. With melted cheddar, yum, the lovely taste of unadulterated meat.

You could look on turkey, lamb and beef burgers as if they were engines. The lamb and turkey are the little V6s of the racing world, ok you can stick a turbo on (spices etc.) and they go pretty well. But your beef is the V8, great already but stick a supercharger on it and it looks, sounds and tastes (hang on) better.

You can make the same comparison when looking at their environmental/ health impacts. Beef burgers everyday isn't going to do you any good, just as the V8 is shit for the environment. But turkey burgers are just boring even if they are less bad for you, like the V6.
A good video that sums it up can be seen here:

Ron and Chris Cook Off 

I think I might be having a mid life model crisis. I just cut my heavy weight light weight e-type in half to make it narrower. Yes, I repeat, I made it narrower. I am going to be adding more detail as well. This along with my AC Cobra are being upgraded and will be available in the near future. The Morgan could do with a look as well.

The new website has proven to be popular and well received, of course there will always be a couple of bits we need to square away but on the whole it is a big leap forward. Any helpful feedback is always appreciated.

Our first running gear sets have arrived so the product descriptions (click the car image) of the suitable cars have been updated to show. I will hopefully be able to work out one or two more this week. I feel these kits will be a great benefit to our customers.

We are redoing our customer build section of the gallery, as I neglected it a bit too much. If you have any photos you would like displayed send them to me and I will do my best to include them.

So what is next... I havn't a clue.

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