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The first completely new model for a couple of months


The first completely new model for a couple months, yes we have finished the Aston Martin DBR1 and I think it has turned out very nice. As usual with all our models it does come with its own bespoke resin inline pod chassis. Now I know that most of you know that our cars come with their own chassis  but I still get asked what chassis I need for this model or will a PCS chassis fit. Well I don't know because I have not tried to fit one but I am sure with a bit of jiggery pokery one could be modified to suit. But the resin chassis provided works pretty well. The Aston DBR1 will be on the car page in the next couple of days, you will be able to make the 1957 and 1958 Le Mans cars. One thing that is a bit tricky for the Aston is the colour. But I have found a car spray that is almost perfect and if you don't agree you are wrong. It is a German spray paint called Multona Autolack and the code is 0668-5. It is a really good mid metallic green and it sprays on beautifully, it comes in 400ml aerosol so it is good for at least three cars if not more.

So what next? Well I am already getting on with the Jeep, this should be interesting as I will have to make a full driver for it. A little GI or maybe two figures. Could be interesting. I know you can buy a diecast Keep which is supposed to be 1/32 scale but believe me, I bought it and there is nothing to scale about it. It is miles too big in places at about 1/28.  You could get the rather lovely Tamiya one but that is 1/35 scale and believe me there is quite a difference between two two. Also ours is made to be a slot car so it's better.

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