The Fiat Transporter is Coming


The Fiat transporter is coming along nicely. As you can imagine this prototype is taking quite a lot of hours to produce and still a lot to do. My aim is to have it done for the Gaydon slot car festival (May 18/19th). We will do two sets of decals so a Ferrari version can be made in red, and a Maserati version in blue and yellow. This project is a big investment for us, first as mentioned in time but also in silicone moulds (there will be lots) and it will use a lot of resin. It will be able to be built as a static model but we hope to use a little gear box as used in the chase cars Italian Job coach to make it go round a track ( We are working on making a new wheel and tyre that will work well with the vehicle. 

The Triumph TR7 is finished and should be on the car page in the next few days. You will be able to make a road car version or a rally car from the same kit. I think it has turned out pretty well.


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