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06/09/2016 The artwork for our new decal sheet is well under way and should be finalized and off to be printed next week. With any luck we should be ready to get some new models underway in the next few weeks. I now have the Alfa T33, both Cunninghams, the Lister, Aston DB2 and Lotus 33 all on their wheels with the chassis made. I have also modified my E-type and have had some decals made for the Cunningham car of Le Mans in 1962. While on the subject of Le Mans I am thinking of, in the future, making the Alfa T33 1968 long tail version, it should look great. I am also getting some new decals printed for the Embiricos Bentley so it will go back into production. The three 1950 Le Mans XK120s will be put into production as well. So lots of new models coming along. This will also mean we will have to take some models out of production as the moulds wear out. The Frazer Nash and Connaught have not been forgotten, they are just a bit behind the others as is the Aston DBR1. That will be probably be enough new models for a while.

We are in the process of making a new and much improved website, hopefully we will be able to get it up and running soon and it will look pretty damn good. It is definitely due for an update.

No rant this week, still too depressed.

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