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06/09/2016 It is a strange time of year, everyone in the whole world is one holiday it seems and we sell diddly squat in July and August. This means we cannot afford beer now, now as you may know if you read my ramblings that I like beer. Beer makes me forget about Brexit, even more beer and I forget about Trump about to become President of the most powerful country on Earth. My favourite beer at the moment is Tiger Beer, especially the big 650ml bottles. Four of these in an evening makes me very happy. I do not like real ale or trendy craft beers from micro breweries, most of it tastes like cack (Note from Joe: I cant remember the last time he actually had a craft beer). I am not a beer snob, I just like getting drunk at least once or twice a week. Fortunately I am a happy drunk and believe it or not I am a lot less grumpy when pissed (pissed is English for drunk for my US readers). Now I do realise some might think I am setting a bad example to all the young people, but beer is good. It must be, there is a massive great aisle of it at my local supermarket.

Now I do not particularly like people under 40, they are all (mostly) politically correct and annoying (Note from Joe: Prepare yourselves for the grumpy old man rant) and as I have been told, I am not very PC. To be honest I do not care, I do not smoke or do drugs (anymore; it was the 70s) but getting drunk is fine. However as no one is buying anything at the moment I am spending a lot more time sober, this is not good. As I am grumpy and writing (and forcing Joe to translate into legible english) utter drivel. So what I suggest is that it might be a good idea if a few of you buy stuff (please) before I go Tee Total and no one wants that, especially me. Lynda gave up smoking a while ago, Justine (Lyndas daughter) and I thought this was great at the time. After a few days we pleaded with her to start smoking again, she was extremely grumpy and annoying (I am in trouble if she reads this) fortunately she is smoking again and we are all happy. It is the same with me and not drinking. I become annoying and unable to make good models, this is not good for anyone. Fortunately soberness has not quite kicked in yet and I am working well.

The new decal sheet artwork is at the printers and models are taking shape nicely I am working on the C4R at the moment but that might change tomorrow. My decisions to go back to more scale cars seems popular and I am have had only positive feed back.

My track is still up for sale and will be going up on eBay soon. After that I will build a small track for my own use but much more suitable for my models.

We still have a bit to sort out with our running gear sets, but as we are selling diddly squat at the moment there is no great hurry. Please remember with these sets we will not be able to upgrade them with particular parts, they are designed as purely starter kits to help make a running slot car for all types of modellers.

In a couple of weeks we should have our new decals so new models will be going into production. The first will be the new Le Mans XK120 and also the 1950 No. 12 Bentley, without the wheel spats.

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