Sorry for the lack of news but lots this week


Sorry for the lack of news but lots this week. A lot of new stuff is coming along, the Ferrari F500 F2 is finished and rubber moulds are done along with the Cunningham C4RK and a couple of models extra. Just waiting on the decals for these and they will be ready to go. I have reworked the Alfa Romeo Periscopio that I made for Pendle Slot Racing. This model started life as a model from a German friend who asked if I would work on it and mould some for him. This was done then we modified it again for Pendle's resin range which used their PCS inline plastic chassis. So now I have reworked it to have alot more detail and a nicer interior. We have also beefed it up and it now taks our sidewinder chassis with our sidewinder pod. This version will be available from us and we will do a new version for Pendle which will use their PCS inline chassis. The choice is yours.

I have also been working on the Maserati 300S with engine detail, it has a new inline pod chassis and a resin driver. It seems many people missed this the first time so get in quick to order this one. 
The 1968 Le Mans Alfa T33 long tail is done and will be moulded next week.

 The decals we are waiting for will not be ready for another or month or so, a bit of hold up so in the meantime I will get on with the Chevy Cab over and a couple of as yet unannounced models. 

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