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Slot Car Bonfire Bonanza! and the Cull!


Over 7 months into this Pandemic and we don't seem any nearer to the end. So it is time for another virtual slot car show to cheer us up! The weekend of the 7/8th of November a few of us traders and small manufacturers will be offering the odd discount and free postage on orders. Also we will be releasing two brand new models. A list of particpating traders can be found at the following website: , which has all the useful links for the weekend.

Our promo will be the same as for the last event: 10% off all orders above £100 and free postage on all orders received that weekend (Saturday-Sunday, UK time)

I do not think we will be having any slot car swapmeets for quite a while yet. In fact probably not at least until the middle of next year, so we hope this fills a gap. Our last virtual show in May was a great success, so I hope those who take part find something they can treat themselves to as an early Christmas present or two... or three. As for the two new cars I will put more details up about them next week. 

It is also that time of years when we have to decide on what models we are going to drop from the range or phase out. There are about 150 models available on the website and that is far too many for two people to manage so our yearly cull will also coincide with the slot car show. If it isn't selling it will be dropped. I don't know what will be dropped, that will be up to Joe (Note from Joe: I will be sorting that out on Monday)

We are a little behind with orders at the moment as our Edwardian cars, as mentioned last week, have done very well and are very popular. So appologies again for anyone waiting, we are catching up as fast as we can. As you know there are only two of us here, I make the prototypes and Joe does the casting, along with the preparing kits for posting and all the computery, emaily stuff. So needless to say he is rather busy.

Anyway, next weekend: 10% off all orders over £100 and free postage on everything!

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