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Our third completely new car this year is finished


Our third completely new car this year is finished and will be on the car page in a day or so. Not bad eh? Our Lotus 30 is completely finished and looks bloody good. I have painted it Rover Brooklands Green, which I think is about right. You may disagree but as usual you are wrong. This is a slightly lighter green than my usuall BRG or Peugeot Conifer as it really known. We have also made a new wheel insert to suit the Lotus, this ia made to fit a Slot It 8x15 wheel. A tad small but I like it, if I can I will make a bigger one to fit the pendle alloy. I will be making a Lotus 40 in the future, fairly easy conversion. On that note the Alfa T33 will be modified in the future to the Targa Floria version with the open roof and some modded front. The LM version is still in the pipeline, but that will be for later in the year when the new decal sheet is done.

Now as usual I do like to get a few new models  under way. I have blocked out another Auto Union, which I believe has not been done before as a slot car. This is the last of the C-types with the square side pods which was a transitional car just before the D-type was introduced. I think it will look pretty good and a little different. Back to the present and I still have to do the Cunningham C4RK car.

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