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Our new little MG and Pendle Slot News


Our new little MG Aero is almost done. Next week I should have it in the mould, it is always a nice moment when you get the first castings out of the mould. The only job still to do then prototype wise is to make the vac mould for the windows. Then it is on to the job I dislike the most, having to make and paint one up for photographing for the website.

In other news we are making it a lot easier for you lovely people to get running gear for our kits. We are working with the good people at Pendle Slot Racing so that they will be offering running gear sets for our kits. You can find the link to the gear sets here: Pendle Slot Racing
We will be working to add the information to all of our existing kits, and it will be included for our new kits going forward.  This should make ordering parts much easier for our customers so you can get your kit up and running all the sooner. 

More good news, I will finally be getting on with the EE transporter. The photo etch tread plate should be done in a few days plus the correct wheel inserts are underway, still lots to do but nothing holding it up now. Should make for a very impressive model. 

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