OK I Lied... Again.


Ok I lied again. I said I was going to get on with the Cunningham C4RK but the Lotus 30/40 is for some reason now sitting on my bench and saying "finish me." Hopefully in a week or so we should have our first Lotus model since the Lotus Cortina. We have a couple of dilemas with the Lotus as it is a very low car. This means it can only be a sidewinder car, however this will mean we can put a bit more detail into the interior. As it has an open cockpit I think this is important. An inline setup would be impractical and unsitely as the motor would sit very high up and allow for basically just the drivers head. Which would look bloody awful. So a sidewinder it will be, this means a little bit added on the width but overall a good compromise. It will look pretty damn good. The first versions will be the Jim Clark car in its early form but we will do a couple more versions later.

I have, as you may have noticed, finished an Alfa T33 and I am very pleased with it. We will be putting it on the car page in a couple of days. This price will be £39. Two versions will be available, a sidewinder version (sidewinder pod not supplied by us) using a Slot It sidewinder pod. The second version is an inline version and includes our rein pod. The inline version has a bit of a lump on the vac interior to accomodate the motor, where the sidewinder has more room for a nice interior. The choice will be yours. More pictures next week. 

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