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New Year and back to work


New Year and lots of new stuff in the pipeline but first: an amazing story. 

Some of you will never believe this but I read it on faccebook so it must be true. It seems that someone bought a Scalex Jag Mk. II, but the amazing thing is that they actually took it out of the plastic display box! I could not believe it, is that allowed? Then, I could not believe this next part, but  they actually put it on the track! However it turns out it would not work, making funny noises, lights not coming on and then it exploded (I may have made up that last part)

So it was sent back to Scalex HQ for a fix, strangely enough it came back still shit. I believe he did get his money back plus a discount on another model. I just could not believe anyone took a scalex car out of the display to actually find out if it ran! Maybe that is why some scalex stuff is a little less than accurate when it comes to modelling. 

Compared to Slot It, Policar, NSR and other european firms where the designers actually race them. I am not so sure anyone at Scalex actually races these cars, I may be wrong of course. I just wish as the major UK producer that their quality was a little higher and the shapes of these cars right in the first place. But it seems they do not have to, all shiny with lovely tampo printing and in lovely, expensive display box. It is their market I suppose. But what do I know I've only been making models professionally for 50 years. Right that is enough moaning.

The Maserati Tipo is coming along, just artwork to do, the Frazer Nash Tourer is also nearly done, and the Galaxie and Jag Mk. 7 are being revamped. I have also been playing around with my MGC Sebring. 

I have blocked out 2 new models, a Chevron B8 and the Group 44 Jaguar XJRS, plus a little Alfa. 1.24th models also underway, with the A35 scanned and the MGB to be done.

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