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The 1955 short nose Maserati 300S  is now back on the car page. Two kits, the first the Benoit Musy No. 31 car and then the Le Mans No. 15 or 16 car. But very intricate engine detail. We will be keeping this to a very limited run as we do not have many decals for these. We have updated the chassis to a 3D printed version and included 3DP wire wheels. 
I think this version of the 300S is the prettiest by far and is still one of my favourite models in our range. 

The kit also includes an interior with unoccupied seat if you wish to make a static version with no driver. 

Update on the Jaguar XJR5, everything we can do in house is complete, just getting on with decals so it is still a few weeks away. But it is still looking pretty damn nice. 

Also I note that it is the 100 year anniversary since Bentley first won Le Mans in 1924. So feel free to buy one of our lovely Bentley Le Mans kits in celebration!  

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