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Lots of new stuff all up on the car page


Lots of new stuff all up on the car page ready for you to buy immediately. Two lovely little Frazer Nashes, the 1949 Le Mans car and the 1951 Targa Florio winning car. These models have turned out exceptionally well and look lovely on the track. The Corvette Grandsport Roadster is also available and in my humble oppinion (me humble?) Looks fantastic, you must buy one!

Our Commer Q25 van is also finished and for sale, three liveries are available and it runs around our little test track remarkably well. We will put a vid up on our facebook page soon. The little fuel bowser is also up on the website with four different liveries available. It is ideal for towing behind the Commer van. 
Last but not least are two D-Types Jags, the 1954 No.14 car is back plus the 1956 Ecurie Eccosse Le Mans winning car. These are new castings with new chassis and lighter body shells.

Our Ford Falcon is also back with its Allen Mann decals.

What next though? The Fiat Ballila is taking shape but I must get on with these Edwardian racers.

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