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Jaguar XJR5 Taking shape


Our group 44 XJR5 is coming along nicely. I am happy with the shape so the next step is to do a bit of milly milly grindy grindy (technical terms for milling and grinding) so we have a nice body shell. This is probably only about 50% of the process of producing a model like this. Still on the list is to make the spoiler, interior, rear detail interior, vac forms for the window mouldings, design and produce the 3DP chassis and custom 3DP wheel inserts. And then our biggest outgoing cost for producing a model, the artwork for decals. With this car the decals are a very important part so we have to get them right. So the Jag is still a long way off yet but it will be our next model after the Ford Truck. 

Speaking of which we have done a small decal sheet for the Ford Pickup, once that arrives all three versions will be going up on the website, hopefully next week. 

Also to follow is the Ford C100 and the 1/24 MGC. And maybe a couple more edwardian cars or maybe an Austin Allegro (only joking!)

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