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It's 35 degrees in the workshop


Thought it was about time I brought you up to date on our projects for the rest of the year, and as it is 35 degrees in the workshop we cannot do any resin casting. It is too effing hot. So if I write a very long news it will give Joe something to do. Most importantly, more tyres are expected imminently. So a second batch of Fiat Transporters can go out, the first lot were sent out on Monday. We are gradually catching up with thise orders and this model has proven to be very popular, and a bit of a logistic nightmare. It has already worn out its first set of moulds and I am in the process of making a second lot, which is not a 5 minute job, or easy either in this heat. 

Our first newish product is a reworking of the 1956 Le Mans Maserati 300S, this new version will allow you to make a static or working slot car that comes with an interior with no driver so it can be posed on the Maserati version of the Transporter. It also has engine detail under its removable bonnet, it will also come with a interior with a driver. I am hoping to have this one finished soon. 

Now for our completely new projects, the Firenza Droop Snoot, Mk. II Cortina, and Triumph GT6 are, as you can see, well underway. All three bodyshells are completely carved out and are going to be nice and thin, which means nice and light. At this stage the bulk of the work is done, which now leaves the finer details to do which in truth takes longer, and is much more fiddly. 

I am now working on a 1981 Ford Ranger Pick Up. Thought I should do a Ford as I have a lot of Chevies and I am from Essex and we do like our Fords. This model will be at the same level as the above three in a few days, then I will have a choice. My intention is to get at least 8 models carved out, this will make it easier and more economical to get the artwork done in one go.

After this will be the 1981 TWR Maxda RX7 that won the BTCC that year, plus the Spa 24 hour race. This model is surprisingly big and I think will make a good looking slot car. I still have the little Fiat  which I must get on and finish, it has been hanging around a bit, and then the Land Crab, and the Sunbeam Tiger. I have always liked the shape of the Tiger so hey let's make it into a slot car.

We are experimenting with a new resin which seems to be more flexible than F32, could be interesting, more testing to do but looks promising.

Obviously we have other projects in the pipeline but they are at a very early stage. It is nice to have a few cars underway, it has been a bit lorry and van heavy over the last year or so. No GP cars though, unfortunately I do not really enjoy making them, not challenging enough. Sort of tubes with wheels stuck on the sides.

Someone asked me the other day what models I am most proud of, and the answer is surprisingly smple. The first Maserati 300S. As a lad of 13 I made it from the model car plan. My first completely scratchbuilt slot car. It was carved in balsa and looked pretty good. Our current model has been in our range in various forms for over ten years and its latest incarnations are the best yet. The second is the Jaguar XJS, this is a very tricky car to get right. I look at it and yes I nailed it. Very proud of that one. I will not say what models I am least proud of because, in all honesty, there aren't any. But there are one or two I think hmm, could do better. 

I am writing this at midnight on Wednesday and it is still 28 degrees. F knows what it is going to be tomorrow. Now for all of you who live in hot places, please realise us British like something to moan about. Especially the weather and especially when we do not have air cons or pools and our workshops are in sheds in the backgarden and become unhealthily hot... Ehem... Oh for a bit of drizzle. 

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