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Important News! THE CULL!


Yes it is time for our annual cull. That time of year when we have to cut models out of the range to make room for new stuff. What we do is look at our sales figures and cut the least popular models and believe it or not the list below shows the models that have not sold one or have sold only one in the last year so they will be going.

The list is as follows:

The ones no one bought and made us very sad:

GT192 Porsche 356 Roadster
GT272 Cunningham C4RK
SAL302 Austin A35 Racer
SAL303 Austin A35 Wide Racer
TRU105 Chevy Van

The ones people bought one of, making us slightly less sad but still a bit mopy:

GT101 Maserati 300S 1955 Le Mans
GT602 Morgan Road car
GT251 Corvette C1
GT283 Aston Martin DBR3
GT313 Alfa Romeo T33 Le Mans
GT314 Alfa Romeo T33 Peri.
GT334 Triumph Spitfire
SAL101 Hillman Imp
SAL301 Austin A35
SAL403 For Anglia Wang S
SAL152 Austin A40 HotRod
TRU101 Chevy Rescue Truck
TRU104 Chevy Pick Up Truck
TRU501 Willys Jeep
GP241 Ferrari F500

As you can see it is quite a few but there is no point keeping moulds or making new moulds of models that do not sell. So if you wish to purchase any of the above we suggest you do it quickly to avoid that total dissapointment of leaving it too late. Imagine thinking if only I had sent George and Joe some money for one of these amazing and rare kits I would have saved myself so much misery and unhappiness before Christmas of all time.

Anyway, those are the kits being phased out now. If you like them best get them quick!

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