Here comes the Bonanza! (Sale 7th-8th of November!)


As we in England go into a month long lockdown it seems good timing that we are doing our Bonfire Bonanza event this weekend. A few of us traders are taking part in another virtual slot car event this weekend, with everyone offering free postage and other offers. 
At George Turner Models we will be offering a 10% discount on orders over £100 and free postage on all orders (including international and domestic) from 12.00am Saturday the 7th of November until 11.59pm Sunday the 8th of November. 

To go along with this we are releasing two new models as well. For the Edwardian range will be a period Mercedes, and the long awaited 1930s Fiat Balilla Berlinetta. The Fiat was started about 5 years ago so it has taken a little while to get around to completing, whereas the Mercedes was started 5 weeks ago. Both look stunning though.

This will be the second virtual slot event we have taken part in this year, the first was a great success but we did not think in May that we would be in the same situation in November. The way it is going I think we may have to have virtual events next year as well. But we cannot sit around and do nothing, the virtual versions are nothing compared to the real world but in this strange situation we all find ourselves in it is a godsend. We are more than 7 months into this Pandemic and it has effected all of us in one way or another. Making model cars has kept me sane (ish) and I hope making up our kits has helped you. 

So start your Christmas shopping this weekend! I need to start panic buying beer to stock up!

To visit the site with all the traders taking part please follow the following link:
Bonfire Bonanza! 

or go to the facebook page: Virtual Slotcars

Remember 7-8th of November UK time, 10% off all orders over £100 and free postage on every order we receive in that time! Fund our Beer supply!

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