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Getting back to normal.


We are just getting back to normal after my step daughter got married the other week. Lots of things to do and in my case lots of driving. Now as you may know I am not one to grumble but driving in the southeast of England, especially around London is not easy. One has to (like most big cities) drive in a completely different way to normal. You do not give an inch, do not let any body in, you must use your horn aggressively if the car at the light doesn't move within a micro second of the light turning green. You must try to overtake the car in front as the arsehole behind you is trying to overtake both of you. Changing lane for no apparent reason is totally normal and any form of courtesy is unheard of and just wrong.

On three occasions I had to drive from Southend to Dulwich is South London. This is about 45 miles one way, I do realise for those of you living outside of the Southeast it may not mean much but bare with me. Now to get to Dulwich from Southend is a bit of a pig and involves using a road known as the London South Circular. I have never used this road before, the North circular yes many times. That road is North of London and basically circular, lots of dual carriageways. Full of psychos and terrifying but not too bad.
The south circular is somewhat different, yes it is south of London and every car is driven by a nutter. And also it is not circular. It is basically bits of road with traffic lights every 100 yards and a few sign posts pointing left or right or straight ahead saying south circular. It is like driving up a crowded high street (main street) for mile after mile after mile. It is not circular it is horrid.

For the day of the wedding I had arranged for a mate to take me and Joe there and pick us up in the evening so we could get very drunk. Unfortunately my dear mate had an eye operation the day before and for some reason he reckoned he could not see very well. This meant I ended up driving and Joe could still get drunk. As I would not drink and drive I would have to stay sober. This filled me with terror, a  night of drinking effing coke and lemonade. All the while watching every one around me slowly getting rat arsed.

I did the unthinkable, I bought some non alcoholic beer. Becks blue to be exact and to my horror it was very nice. I drank it all evening and had a great time. If you had told me it was normal Becks I probably would have believed you. Drove home and woke up the next day with not the slightest incling of a hangover. Will I be doing this again? not a fucking chance. I can assure all my drinking companions throughout the world this was a one off, embrace the hangover.

 Suppose I should write a bit about slot cars. The Lister Jaguar Le Mans car is taking shape and when I say shape it now has the correct shaped front wings and had a bonnet line removed. It is surprisingly easy to get it wrong. Not a lot of room for any interior detail with this one but it will still look good.

Our running gear sets are proving popular with the cars that have them as an option now. We will be introducing subsequent sets for 30s and 50s GP cars soon.

 Also just a quick note that we have added quite a few photos to the customer gallery, so feel free to have a look at everyones fine work.

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