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Ford Ranger Truck nearly there


Our Ford Ranger pick up truck is nearly there and will be on the website next week with any luck. We will have three versions for this one as photographed, the rear covers are removable as well. 
We have made a 3D print of an offroad style wheel and a couple of suitable inserts as well. These make it look very swanky. We also have an offroad tyre based off an old Ninco tyre which we are hand moulding  and suit this model perfectly. We are also working on a new tyre design using 3D design to help along as well. 
The chassis also has a mounting for a tow hook is you feel the need to include one of our trailers. 
I started this model over two years ago so it is good to see it finished.  

The Dan Gurney Galaxie is also done and will be on the car page soon, these Galaxies will only be a limited run as we only have enough decals to do a small run so do not leave it too late!

I am working on some new prototypes. A group 44 Jaguar XJR5 body is nearly done and will be our next model (honest) and as we are on a group C theme we have blocked out a Ford C100. 

Also our 1/24 Sebring MGC body shell is almost finished. Definitely not short of projects at the moment. 

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