Ford Pop Van


The Ford Pop van will be released begining next week.  You will be able to find it on the Trucks and Trailers page, we may be renaming it to include the vans soon. I have not done a lot of protoyping this week as we have had to replace quite a few rubber moulds. So there is now a new mould for the Bizz 1965, all nice and fresh. That's enough about slot cars I think.

Something did amuse me on facebook. You know how people put profound quotes and wise words, sayings etc. up. You then scroll down and five seconds later you have forgotten them. But this one I could relate to, so I have added a bit more to it, sort of sums me up.


  • The Earth is not flat
  • Vaccines work
  • We have been to the moon
  • Climate change is real
  • Maths is a universal language
  • Chemtrails are not a thing
  • Evolution is a fact
  • Astrology is just funny
  • None of us have a Native American spirit guide
  • Clairvoyants are frauds
  • Experts know more than the bloke down the pub
  • Magic is not real
  • Science is like magic but real
  • We are all made of stardust
  • There is no such thing as fate
  • Things do not happen for a reason
  • Things just happen
  • There is no such thing as Karma
  • Trump is very bad
  • Lots of things are unexplained
  • Coincidence is normal
Now some of you might find some of this hard to believe, but no problem. If you want to live in fairy land that is OK, we are all different with different beliefs and I would never try and change that (apart from the Trump bit, if you do not think he is bad you are a fucking idiot, unless you want to buy our models then you are a very clever wonderful person). 


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