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06/09/2016 First of all apologies for the lack of news lately. We have been very busy working on the new website, this is taking a bit more time than we thought. We are having to retake 600 photos so that is the main delay, plus the writing. We are working on new stuff, the Aston DB2 and Cunningham C4R are moulded, along with the MGC, MGB Sebring and the 1953 Le Mans Talbot. Unfortunately the decals have had to be sent back so we are boned, as without decals we cannot do much.

Unfortunately we have got to a stage where we have to put our prices up in the near future, we have not raised our prices in years so it is inevitable. If we dont then we wont be in business for much longer. All of our material costs have gone up due to the drop in the pound (thanks Brexit) and we worked out we were not making even minimum wage which was somewhat depressing. Now you might say I should cut down on the beer. No.

So some stuff to look forward to, some to not so much look forward to. But ah well.

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