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Cutting and Shutting


A good bit of old fashioned cutting and shutting this week. An art I mastered at Matchbox in the 70s. Our Chevy van is nearly done and this will definitely be the last evolution of the Chevy Cab. I think this van will be a very useful vehicle for customising with your own liveries and also a great vehicle for towing our trailer. 

As it is August and holiday time my new decal sheet will not be done for a couple of weeks at least so the fire engine, Holden, and Texaco tanker are held up. Next week I should get on with the Ford Pop. Well that is the plan at least, and as you know I always stick to my plans. 

 The rusty pick up in the pictures will be for sale, if you are interested send an email. I may even sign part of it to make you feel special.

 Final bit of housekeeping: We are currently waiting on an order of running gear from pendle at the moment, so if you have placed and order with running gear it may be a little bit late. Sorry for the delay and any inconvenience.


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