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Coronavirus Update: Self Isolation for GTM


Hi everybody, due to the continuing Coronavirus outbreak and the fact that we live and work at home, we will be going into self isolation this week (the not going outside kind). So long as we have orders we will carry on making stuff and hopefully you will keep on buying stuff (that last point is the most important). I imagine with everything happening at the moment, many others of you are stuck at home as well. That means it is the perfect opportunity to make some toy cars. We will hopefully be able to sort out getting stuff to the post office, but there will naturally be some disruptions so we appreciate your patience. 

In the next few days we hope to keep you update with info on the new kits coming out this year, we will also be putting videos up of the cars whizzing around our home track. 

Fortunately with all the modern technology like Facebook etc. we can still keep in touch so we are not completely alone, and we are old most of us can bicker and moan at each other as normal. 

Again thank you for your continued support, and please keep safe.  

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