Catching up with orders


We are back and catching up with orders, so thank you for your patience if you are waiting on an order. We hope the new year finds you well with lots of spare cash to spend on our lovely models. 

Here is our rough plan for this years new models, and as you know I am very reliable when it comes to sticking to my plans... ehem.

The Lister Cunningham, AS Brown Lister Jaguar, Eccurie Eccose Lister Jaguar and Chevy firetruck are ready to go into production, all three are different castings and will be on the car page in a week or two. The Ford Pop Van and Bedford CA van are almost done, the pop is a little gem and the Bedford is coming along nicely and will be in production by the end of January. Not bad so far, 5 new models in the first month. Next will be a 1952 Ferrari 500, a nice little race car. First will be Ascaris short nose car. I know this car has been done before but mine will be very lovely. After this we will have the Chevy Cabover, and that bloody C4RK has to be finished. Also planning on the Le Mans and Targa T33, both of which are on their wheels, then the Frazer Nash. But what about March and April you ask? (only joking) Well... a 1938 BMW 328, BRM P154, Singer Le Mans, 1927 Le Mans Bentley, AC Cobra Coupe, 1958 Ford Prefect, 1950 Oldsmobile custom (I've started this one) and a 1936 Ballila 508cs Fiat.

Now as you may know this is only a rough guide but it is my starting point for the year. 

Before Christmas we announced we will be discontinuing our running gear sets as we are not set up and could not keep sufficient stock to meet demand. 
We will advise on what you will need to purchase to finish your model. Our plan on each of the product listings is to provide a list of recomended running gear. This will take a little bit of time, so meanwhile please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

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