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A few new cars on the way


We have a few new cars on the way, or at least new ish. Out today is a re release of the Lancia D24, this is the Fangio car that won the 1953 Carrera Panamerica road race. So if you are a Fangio fan or a Carrera Panam fan this is just for you. This kit has been much updated as it was one of our very first models and hopefully we have learned a lot and improved over the last ten years. The body has been lightened and it has an updated chassis. We have a limited amount of decals so rush your orders in right now! 

We are also working on new models, the 1951 Frazer Nash is almost done. The first version is very important as it is the only British car to win the Targa Floria in 1951. This should be ready in the not to distant future as we are waiting for decals at the moment. 

The little Fiat Balilla is coming alone nicely and should be finihsed soon. It is a pretty little car and something a bit different. 

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