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06/09/2016 A couple of new items this week which I hope will help a lot of customers who have problems getting running gear for our kits. We are putting together, with the help of pendle slot racing, two running gear packs. These packs contain all you need to finish off your model in terms of running gear and parts. Pack one will contain Ali wheels and appropriate inserts for the kit purchased and pack two will contain wire wheels. These first two packs will be suitable for most of our sports and some of our saloon cars. Each pack will contain a motor with pinion, crown wheel, two axles, two bearings, cables, guide, braid, two eyelets, four wheels and tyres. Hopefully we will be adding to this range if it proves popular. When they become available we will be updating the kit product listings with their information, so keep an eye out.

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago I am changing direction with my models a bit. I want to get back to more scale type model. I have learned a lot having a big wooden 6 lane track but it became an arms race and by that I mean you had to have a certain tyre, the best wheels, certain motors until a new better bit comes a long. It all got a bit competitive and unenjoyable. I need to rethink the way I design and make my models, ultimate speed is not the be all and end all. I will now be concentrating on what works on a normal track. I will where necessary try to use more detailed resin interiors as well as vac formed interiors. I might even use full interiors with front mounted motors, we will see. Basically more detailed models. Although I will still add a bit of width when I feel it is appropriate.

As you can see from the pics the Alfa is on its wheels, as is the Cunningham C4R. The chassis are finished so they are well on their way. Now that this latest batch of models are all shaped out I will get the artwork underway so lots of stuff to come but not for a few weeks.

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