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Working on my Merc W196 this week

18-07-14 I have been working on my Merc W196 this week. I have three different body mouldings and decals being organised for four cars (3 Fangio and 1 Moss). The Moss is the 55 British/ European GP winner. The decals wont be ready for another three weeks so by that time the Merc W125 will be finished as well. This means by the middle of August we should have a few new cars to release. Four W196s, 3 W125s, and 3 Alfa Romeo 8Cs. I think that is enough GP cars for a while. As you know I do like to mess about with my cars, widening and lowering them etc. but I do still love scale cars. All my GP cars are scale (ish... dont get me started again) or near scale which is what ALL models are. To paraphrase someone, all models are wrong but some are good. It is nice to give a choice between scale and racing quality. We have done normal Morgans, and now we have a racing Morgan. It is not quite finished yet but it will look very good. I am also in the process of painting up the RM chassis compatible D-type which has been lowered very slightly, so you have the choice. Hopefully these two cars will be on the car page next week. The widened MGC is still in progress but when it is released will also give you the choice between scale or race widened. I have started blocking out the new Talbot Lago. I will do the Le Mans 1952 and 53 cars and they wont be held up by decals. Also on this decal sheet are the four Chap 2Ds, so I must get on with that one. And of course the Bentley, so we have no shortage of work. The ERA and Austin twin cam are now out of production. The moulds are knackered and the decals are used up. The ERA was a popular and it is a great little car, but that is it for now. The Austin was a bit of a folly, not a great seller but it was a very pretty model. We have some of the twin cam still in stock so please check availability on the not in production section. The track is taking shape, we now have our own timing equipment and hopefully will get it installed very soon. We will also sort out what classes of racing we will have. I reckon we will be up and running in about six weeks. We have an email address for the club ( so for any correspondence about the club please use that email address. I will be starting a couple of new prototypes next week but dont worry no more Mercs. I am also messing about with another plastic shell which I think needs to be turned into a reasonable slot car, but not telling what it is yet. Hopefully will be getting some more PST wheel kits in soon and hopefully some more RM chassis news as well.

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