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We have got our mini 24 RM lasercut chassis prototype and it looks superb

02-05-14 We have got our mini 24 RM lasercut chassis prototype and it looks superb, and even better it handles superbly. Everyone who has tried it has loved it. We have to make a few little mods but it is looking good. It is our plan to have some running and for sale at Gaydon. We are having 10 RM chassis made up (that should keep Richard busy for a while). The Lotus Cortina is now available and is on the car page. This Cortina is obviously evil as it is widened and will be the downfall of slot racing as we know it. Also it can be upgraded to an RM chassis (Double Evil!). The first Cortina RM chassis have been sold out so it is only pre orders at the moment. We have put Alfa and Auto Union PST wheels on the accessory page along with some repro tyres, as well as some brake drums for PST wheels if you need extras. The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy getting stuff ready for Gaydon. So please let me know soon if you wish me to bring anything in particular to pick up at the show. We are already very behind with orders and I thank you for your patience. If you are waiting for an order please remember there are only two of us at this end so it takes a while to get everything done.

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