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07-03-14 First off apologies for not making it up to Wolves for the early birds meeting. From all accounts it was a very successful event. I was all packed up and ready to go, the alarm set for 4.30am, car was fueled up, but by midnight I felt like absolute s**t. There was no way I could do it. I had lost my voice as well (some may say that is a good thing) so I spent Sunday in my Jim Jams feeling sorry for myself. I dont do colds well so back to work that Monday unfortunately. My son (currently writing this) has had the same virus as well, of course he was much worse (At least I havent been complaining "I dont feel well" for the past few days, non stop) so we have got a bit behind with orders. But I soldiered on and have got a bit more done on the Alfa. Not quite finished as I have started to get another model done but Im not going to say what that one is for the time being, going to keep it a secret. Still not feeling great but hopefully will be back to normal next week. I have put a pic up of the Mclaren M1A, in two colour schemes. The blue one is similar to my 1/24th Tamaya one I had in the 60s, this one is one an RM chassis and is nice and low. Thats it this week Im going to take an anadin and go to bed.

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